Monday, June 23, 2014

Perth holiday 2014 #mywperth2014

This post is to commemorate the first holiday further away that we've been to as a small family of three. Just hubby, daughter and I. :)

I'm just going to state where we went (or what we did) on the 9 day trip, plus some pictures. Not much details because sometimes pictures tell a story much better than words. 

Start of trip: 9th June 2014
Malaysia Airlines
Transit in KL.

Weather: Mild winter (no snow but temperature dipped to the single digits at times. Coupled with gusts of wind, and you're gonna feel cold most times especially if you've spent your whole life in hot climates like me.)

Day 1 : 9th June 2014
Arrival at Perth
Adina Apartments @ Barrack Street (Perth metro area)
Dinner at Indonesia Indah

Day 2 : 10th June 2014
Walked around Perth CBD, Murray st, Hay St. David Jones mall

Kings Park

Cottlesloe Beach

Day 3 : 11th June 2014
Caversham Wildlife Park

Outback Jack for dinner 

Day 4 : 12th June 2014
The Pinnacles (whole day)

The place I wanted to visit most in WA.

Also our 14th bf-gf anniversary! ❤️❤️❤️

And hubby commemorated the anniversary by opening the Pandora's box. Hehehe. Don't blame me k opened it for me tau.

Day 5 : 13th June 2014
Harbour Town Outlet mall
(Went a bit crazy shopping so almost no pics hahaha)

Scarborough Beach 

LOVE this beach!

Day 6 : 14th June 2014
Freemantle (Cicerello's Fish n Chips, Skyride, Freemantle Market)

San Churros (apparently the best churros in that area)

Day 7 : 15th June 2014
Scarborough Beach (again, yes, cos our daughter loves to play with sand and we love the place! Spectacular sunset.)

Kings Park (night view)

Day 8 : 16th June 2014
Belmont Forum mall (shopping)

*heard about severe weather warning and PERTH metro was going to be affected on the following day! Yes, our departure date!*

Day 9 : 17th June 2014

Panicked and wanted to get the hell out of Perth metro (our apartment's located there)
Visited and took shelter at hubby's friend's house @ Drynan road

Homeward bound.
Constant turbulence.
But we made it home, sans the luggages due to our slightly delayed flight.

And here's our exhausted daughter:

Reached home at around 2 am, 18th June.

Malaysia Airlines sent our luggages to our doorstep later that day.
Excellent service, Malaysia Airlines!

Alhamdulillah for this opportunity and for keeping us safe, ya Allah. ❤️

And thank you to my hubby for preparing everything and making sure we were comfortable throughout.

We loved Perth and we'll want to come back when our daughter's older so we can do more things together! Also, as it was winter, sunset came early...our daughter was also under the weather so we had to ensure we paced ourselves properly. 

All in all, a lovely trip indeed.

To more trips in the future insyaallah!